Just a few reasons to buy the digital version

When it was first released, The Silent Treatment created a huge impact and thousands of magicians started performing this unique and iconic routine. Now comes the brilliant update that enables you to do so much more with it!


Silent Treatment – Digital Edition is an extraordinary routine that will intrigue and draw your audience in from the very first moment, then blow their minds with one of the most surprising and stunning revelations in all of magic!

ALL YOU OLD SCHOOL GUYS Don’t worry...I haven’t forgotten about all those that like to keep things simple or who might not be “tech-savvy”. You can still purchase the original Silent Treatment as well as the new digital version!

Take advantage of all these perks!

Not only can you get the most amazing digital magic trick on the market, you also have the opportunity to get a lifetime of updates, add-ons and replacements!

* Lifetime guarantee is null and void if the index is damaged due to overheating as explained on the DVD or if, an excessive number of claims are made in 60-day period